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Summar means garden time!

Summer is here meaning I can finally spend some much needed time in my garden. Gardening is one of my favorite ways to spend time, I love how rewarding it is to tend to everything. Even somthing as simple as watering your garden can be fun! I just love my new garden hose from Garden Glory, it's not like my old green and booring garden hose. It's colorful and the quality is great. No need to worry about it breaking from ordinary use, like other more fun garden hoses.

We love Interior Design

Interior design is where our hearts are at. There is so much to do to your home that takes it to that next level. Your can change wallpapers, hang art on your wall, paint your walls, get new furniture... The list goes on and on. One thing is for sure, you are never done!

Don't forget the design of your garden!

Your house usually have a garden, don't forget it and the design of your garden. Step one is to plan your garden, there is so much that takes time. Grass, plants, trees, bushes, all take time to grow. Same goes for building. Need a new patio? It takes time and you want it to be perfect from the start. So plan everything!


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